About Us

GAYROUN GROUP was established in 2017 in Turkey by Mr. Abdulqader Al-Sabri, and it is an extension of our group of companies that was established in Yemen and Syria in 2004. GAYROUN GROUP is a licensed company in Turkey in the industrial and commercial field and sea, air and land freight services.

  • From Turkey and from the gateway between East and West, GAYROUN GROUP launched sea, air and land freight services to the Arab world, Africa and to all countries of the world through the experience of its business partners, which extends to 25 years.

  • The extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures followed internationally and in the Arab world made the GAYROUN GROUP a reliable logistic supporter for its customers and its accurate understanding of their needs in shipping and international transportation.

  • We harness all efforts and energies in order to maintain the confidence of our customers and their needs in international shipping and achieve the desired goal through our highly trained employees to provide the best services.

Speech of the Chairman of Board of Directors:

We are always proud of all the achievements and successes we have achieved, and we seek to continue the path of progress and growth, keeping the future in mind and based on a set of pillars built on sound business foundations and best practical practices with a focus on achieving sustainable growth.

Therefore, the key to sustaining success in our group lies primarily in devoting the concept of leadership at all levels of work, and adopting the idea of diversity, whether in our investments or the people with whom we work and deal, as a basic source of strength.

In addition, we are always keen to have a common goal unite us as we work hand in hand to achieve our vision, and for integrity to be the framework that envelops all our dealings, and to remain a loyal supporter of the culture of entrepreneurship.